Desperate Men
Take Desperate Measures

In today's News Herald, 12/17/07, someone ran a half page ad in support of Dr. Bob Overholt's request for tax payer subsidy for his commercial development on 321. Not surprisingly, the author and owner of the misleading and untruthful ad did not have the cojones to put their name on the ad. But who could blame them?

Overholt and company, now more than thirty days in default of the deed agreements to build the road through the development may be getting disparate to get their hands on the tax payer's money. Even though there is absolutely no mention of any kind of tax payer donations, TIF, to Overholt's development in his deed agreements or requirements, they just can't seem to give up the quest.

In contrast, the Mimms Company has continued to move forward with their part of the agreement to build the infrastructures, roads, sewers, etc. without asking the tax payers for a dime. Why is it that Mimms can accomplish the deed requirements with out Tax payer subsides, TIF, but Overholt is still begging for bucks.

To whom ever ran the ad, if you feel that the Overholt development is such a sure thing, maybe you should invest your own money in the project. As for that matter, the members of the Lenoir City Industrial Board and any city councilmen who feel the development is such a good idea, maybe they could all get together, go down to the bank and sign up as cosigners for Overholt's nine million dollars and leave the tax payers out of it.