Deputy's Wife Indicted

For the fifth time in three years, the Loudon County Grand Jury has handed down an indictment for a Loudon County deputy or a spouse of a deputy. The latest indictment is for Misty Ellen Cosner whose husband is a deputy with the sheriff's office. Ms, Cosner's indictment is for 1 count of aggravated child abuse/neglect (6 years old or less) and one count of aggravated assault. The indictment states that Ms. Cosner, "did knowingly, and other than by accidental means, treated a child under the age of six years of age in such a manner as to inflict serious bodily injury through either abuse or neglect and/or a deadly weapon was used to accomplish the act of abuse."

Local sources report that Ms. Cosner has been operating an unlicensed day care and this was the site of the abuse. Click here for DHS letter. Ms. Cosner will be arraigned Monday morning in Loudon County Criminal Court at 9:00 am.

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