Democrat Love
(For Obama)

As more time has passed since the devastating re-election of Barack Obama and many of us continue trying to understand how a majority of this country could actually support his disastrous policies, I may have a theory to at least part of it.

We know that a huge segment of Obama supporters are simply takers. Those who receive government handouts just because they are too lazy to go to work.

But a lot of democrat voters are like women trapped in an abusive relationship with their husband, Battered Women's Syndrome. The husband beats them verbally and physically, takes their money and shows no appreciation or respect for anything they do. Yet the women have been conditioned to believe they have to tolerate the abuse because they mistakenly feel they are dependent on the abuser or sometimes they think they really love the abuser.

Doesn't that sound a lot like many democrat voters? The minority groups, blacks, hispanics, who overwhelmingly voted for Obama have the highest unemployment rates of anybody, yet they voted for him. Democrats are paying twice as much for a gallon of gas as they were when Obama was elected just like the rest of us and they still voted for him. Democrats are paying more for everything else just like the rest of us and they still voted for Obama. Democrats are losing their jobs just like the rest of us but they stick with him. Obama policies have beaten and abused more people in this country than we've ever seen before.

See, just like Battered Women's Syndrome. Obama, through his policies, has hurt the democrat voters as much, or more in some instances, than anybody else. But the democrats just keep going back for more.

Maybe the republicans should set up support group organizations to help those suffering with Battered Democrat Syndrome.   

If you have a couple of minutes, click on the link below for a very eye-opening video. It puts things in real perspective. 

Click For Short Video

Cartoon: I vote for Free Stuff

Pretty much sums it up.