Dem Caucus

The Loudon County Democrat Party has announced that they will hold a caucus to chose candidates for the two county positions that will be on the 2016 election ballot.

They will choose someone to run for the position of Loudon County Property Assessor and someone to run for the General Sessions Judge, 2nd Division position.

The caucus will be held on December 5th, at the Loudon County Court House Annex at 11:00 am. Any candidate interested in one of the positions should make contact with the Loudon County Democrat Party.

A caucus is simply the party picking a candidate instead of the voters. Any candidate chosen by their party will not be in a primary election but will be on the ballot in the August general election as a challenger to the winner of the Republican primary election.

While there are no overly specific qualifications to seek the office of property assessor, meaning most anyone could be chosen, a candidate for the judge position must be an attorney.

I'm not sure if there are any democrat attorneys in Loudon County or at least any that would admit it. Back in 2010, the last time the judge seat was on the ballot, there were three republican candidates, two independent candidates and no democrats, even though the two independent candidates were actually democrats hiding behind the (I)ndependent label.

I'll keep you updated as the process continues.