Debbie Should Resign

Standing just inches away from her and in what could only be described as a political ambush, Lenoir City Judge, Terry Vann called for City Treasurer/Recorder/City Court Clerk to resign her position as City Court Clerk. Sighting a linty of complaints including the failure to collect $347,000.00 in fines and court costs since 2000, Vann, after presenting his concerns about the problems in the Court Clerks office was asked by Councilman Tony Aikens if he had any suggestions. Vann stated, "I think the first suggestion would be that Debbie resign as City Court Clerk." Vann's statement brought an immediate response from Ms. Cook pointing out that her responsibility as Court clerk was required by the charter and that she had no intentions of resigning from her responsibilities.

The verbal sparing went on for several minutes. Ms. Cook stated that she wasn't aware of the allegations made by Judge Vann and she would like to know where he got his figures.

The council took no action on the judge's request for change. Ms. Cook asked for a meeting to address the allegations.

I hope to have an update shortly.

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