Memo from Loudon County Director Of Schools.

Dear Loudon County Team,

I would like to share some news in regards to some of our administrators and positions throughout the county.  

First, Mrs. Kim McGimsey will be retiring at the conclusion of this school year.  She is truly a shining star and will be greatly missed.  We have always thought of her as one who ministered to our students, particularly those that may have been slightly less fortunate than others.  I would like to congratulate her on a successful career with Loudon County Schools and wish her the best, she is a Champion for Education.

There will never be anyone that will be able to fill Mrs. McGimsey's shoes, however, we will transition Mrs. Maria Warren to the central office and reassign duties to most appropriately align our administrators with their strengths.  Mrs. Warren will have several duties as a supervisor, two of which will include the RTI process and elementary supervision.  She certainly has a strength in curriculum and instruction and I look forward to working with her in this new capacity.  

To replace Mrs. Warren, Mr. Marvin Feezell will transition to Philadelphia Elementary School.  Mr. Feezell has proven to be a great leader at Steekee Elementary and I'm sure he will have a successful transition to Philly.  His wit and technologically inclined mind will fit well at Philly, however, I must say I am a little nervous to have him and Mr. Gentry in the same building all day.  

Finally, Mrs. Tracy Franklin will replace Mr. Feezell at Steekee.  Mrs. Franklin has had great success across the county as a Reading Implementation Specialist as well as being a leader at the state level for Reading.  We know she will serve the students, faculty, and community of Steekee well in the upcoming years.   

Thank you for your hard work to prepare our students to be successful in life.  I'm so proud of the way we have worked this year and know that we will finish this last month strong.  


Jason Vance

Memo from David Clinton, Principal Highland Park School

Loudon County Schools Teammates,  

This has to be the hardest and easiest message I have ever sent out.  

After 39 years I will be retiring at the end of my contract. I will forever be thankful to Loudon County Schools for giving me a job in 1976 allowing me to form a career and raise a family.

My job has been a labor of love. Watching former students grow and become parents and GRANDPARENTS of my present students has been special. Along with them becoming productive citizens and leaders in all parts of the country.   

The easy part to this message is that it's time for me to step aside and concentrate on my health and give way to fresh leadership to tackle the ever changing practices of our profession.  The hard part is not being with the day to day associations with a wonderful Team I have had the privilege of doing these last 39 years.

I may be retiring from the operations of the Team, but in my heart I will always be a member that will try to help in any way. I love each of you and have TREASURED being your Teammate !!!    

Your Friend For Life,    

David "Cyber" Clinton