Fresh Pork

Dear Friend,

        Do you like good fresh pork, ham, sausage or pork chops? If so, here's your opportunity!

       Loudon County 4-H members have show pigs for sale this year. The pigs range in size from 150 to 300 pounds.

       The final show will be on Jan. 20th. The pigs will go to slaughter on Jan. 21st.

       The kid's bought most pigs from breeders in Indiana in October. The pigs have been on full feed since then. So they should yield top quality pork.

       A 250 pound pig will give you about 175 pounds of meat. We have most of the pigs processed at Morgan's in Madisonville.

       Here's the price breakdown for an average 250 pound pig: 

     250 lb. X $2.50=$625 (This is what the 4-Her receives)

     Roughly $100 +/- processing fee (This is Morgan's charges, based on weight)($30 head plus $.40/lb. Dressed wt.=Avg. 74% of live weight)

    Total: $725 for an average 250 pound pig.

    Smaller pigs would cost less and larger pigs would be more.    

      If you are interested in purchasing 1/2 or a whole hog, contact me 458-5612 (office) or 250-8312 (cell).


 John J. Goddard
Loudon County Extension