Mayoral Candidate Responds To Redevelopment Questions

Dear Citizens,
Over the past few weeks, numerous people have asked me how I feel about the Mayor’s redevelopment plan. THE MAYORS REDEVELOPMENT PLAN is one of the major reasons I decided to run for mayor. I am all for making Lenoir City an even better place to live, but not at the expense of its citizens. The plan that the Mayor has been pushing so hard to pass will enable the city to TAKE PROPERTY from hard working tax paying citizens. I will never agree with local government having the power to take ones property simply because of 1.Vacant buildings, 2. Inadequate lot size, 3. Shape, 4. Inappropriate land uses. Make no mistake, I feel if Mayor Brookshire is reelected this will happen. There are better ways to improve Lenoir City, ways in which all citizens will benefit!

I read a letter from a citizen of Lenoir City that stated she felt the woman from the redevelopment committee was trying to “intimidate” her family and herself by “snooping” around their property. She asked, “How am I supposed to feel?” My heart sank, I got a huge lump in my throat and then I got mad. NO ONE should ever be made to feel intimidated by a committee member or anyone else from City Hall. I am asking this Citizen of Lenoir City,

“Do you own your home and do you pay your property taxes?” If the answer is yes, the city should never have the right to take your land, home or business, due to the four reasons mentioned above. You on the other hand have every right to feel safe and peaceful in your home.
Help me Stop The Mayors Redevelopment Plan… Stand up on November 7 for your rights and the rights of your children.  ELECT me, KELLI SARTEN WATKINS MAYOR OF YOUR CITY and I will put the city BACK in YOUR HANDS.

Thank you,
Kelli Sarten Watkins