In response to the Tennessee ACLU's demand for Tennessee schools not mention Christmas in the schools, one Loudon County couple wrote to the ACLU to let them know how they feel about the ridiculous demand. They were also kind enough to share their letter with me so that I might share with you. We need more of this kind of activism.

December 15, 2010


ACLU of Tennessee (ACLU-TN)
P. O. Box 120160
Nashville, TN 37212


Re:  ACLU Sends Letter to Public Schools

        Dated:  December 7, 2010


Attn:  Hedy Weinberg, Executive Director


Dear Ms Weinberg,


This letter is in direct opposition to your letter dated 7 December 2010 warning Tennessee’s public school officials to not celebrate Christmas. You cite Supreme Court Ruling decisions that support the opinion that such celebrations amount to an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. You provide no specific decision to substantiate your allegation. 


There has been, for some time, confusion about what the Founding Fathers intended when they drafted the Constitution. What it is NOT is a “wall between church and state” as is often referenced by those who want to eliminate the right of the people to worship or celebrate their faith. More recently, it has been relentlessly targeting the Christian faith. It is an effort to destroy the principles upon which America was founded.


Communities are made up of people of all persuasions and most live in harmony regardless of religion or politics. We live in a country where the majority rule is the standard by which we live. The attempt by the ACLU is an attack against the harmony of a community and the rule by majority. 


Parents and families of students must be the decision makers for the role of the children in school events……not the ACLU or any other organization that wants to set the standard by equalizing all aspects of the people.  The parent may determine to not permit a child to participate in a program. You have no right to deny those who wish to participate the opportunity for the few who wish not to participate. 


You may argue that this might cause a child to feel rejected or different. It just might!  Our children need to learn that there are differences because life is not easy. It is to their advantage to learn to deal with reality rather than protected from adversity. 


I strongly object to this attempt at removing our Christian standards from our schools. It is JUST WRONG! 




John & Monta Hirzel 

403 Catoosa Lane

Loudon, TN 37774


cc:  Wayne Honeycutt

       Loudon County Director of Schools