News Herald By Becky Blanton Staff Writer

Doing the right thing for one landowner could set a precedent for the doing the same thing for others. That was the consensus among council members regarding John R. Johnsonís de-annexation request.

Johnson, a former street supervisor for the city, wrote the council back in March of 2006, asking them to de-annex his property at 2000 Robinson Drive. His property was annexed in November 1999.

He pays city taxes, but does not have streetlights and has not received sewer services from Lenoir City Utilities Board (LCUB).

"I have not received the city services that other city residents enjoy," he wrote to the city administrator last year.

The majority of his 16.46 acres of land, he pointed out, is considered agricultural. Sewer service is not expected in the area for the next five or more years.

"Itís three to five years from even being on the radar," City Attorney Shannon Littleton said.

While council members sympathized with Johnsonís plight and agreed that streetlights should at least be installed in the area, to de-annex him would set a precedent.

"If we de-annex him weíll have 20 to 30 similar requests up and down 321," a council member said.

Council members declined to move his request to the councilís Monday night agenda next week.