Dead Man's Farm gets spooky for another season of hauntings

LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- You can run, but you can't hide. Dead Man's Farm is back and they're adding a little something extra this year.

Jeff Linginfelter, co-owner of Dead Man's Farm said they're taking it to the next level for those who want to go there.

For an extra five dollars, visitors will get the ultimate haunted attraction experience because this year, the actors can touch the patrons. The "Dare to be Touched" option is for thrill seekers 18 and over.

"That person may be touched, grabbed, they may be pulled out of their group and separated from their group," said Linginfelter. "They may become part of the show."

This is the ninth season of paranormal activity at Dead Man's Farm.

The theme this year is Black Magic. There's a spooky story line to it, that follows the original farm owner's past.

"It's an old, Appalachia-type Black Magic, so it's some dark and heavy stuff," said Linginfelter.

Aside from "Dare to be Touched," they recommend the rest of the farm be for kids and adults 13 and older.

Dead Man's Farm opens on September 29.