Darin Erin vs. Police Dogs


This is "Photographer JJ" filling in for Darin' Erin while she is out of the country. As Erin's photographer, I've been right by her side on many of her dares.

Let me clarify. When I say "by her side" I mean safely behind the camera observing whatever calamity she finds herself in day to day. This week's punishment includes pitting her wits and physical skills against some of Tennessee's finest officers.

We found ourselves in Loudon County at the Lakeview K9 Academy. Detective Suarez of the Loudon County Sheriff's office wanted to see how fast Erin can run with a police dog attached to her arm.

Spoiler Alert! It's not far.

After that, it's nose against nose as Erin tries to sniff out the location of some illicit drugs placed on a car. K9 cadet Dagger set the bar pretty high, tracking down the dope within 6 seconds. Unfortunately for Erin, the academy didn't hand out participation awards.