DA asks TBI to investigate code violations at Loudon High School

August 11, 2007

LOUDON (WATE) -- The district attorney general has asked the TBI to investigate safety concerns at Loudon High School to determine if there's any criminal wrongdoing.

DA Russell Johnson says he'll have his ADA Lee Ledbetter head up the local investigation. It will also include a member of the grand jury that requested the DA's office get involved and an investigator.

The grand jury requested the DA's involvement earlier in August after a Loudon resident made a presentation that included testimony from an architect on the school remodeling project and three officials with the state Fire Marshal's Office.

Inspectors found Thursday that the school's fire alarm system worked fine.

They still found the air conditioners in the gym are taking too long to shut off but that doesn't require firefighters to patrol the halls while students are present.  

The school's opening was delayed twice because the state said it wasn't up to code.

The grand jury says officials identified safety issues at the school from 2005 to the present.