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Woman Charged With Hitting Motorcycle On Bridge

The Daily Edition-A Philadelphia woman is facing driving under the influence charges and more charges may be forthcoming after she reportedly hit a man driving a motorcycle on the Tennessee River Bridge.  The wreck tied up traffic for several hours.

According to the report, Sgt. William Evans, LPD responded to a wreck with injury at Hwy 11 on the Tennessee River Bridge.  Upon arrival the officer noticed two vehicles, a motorcycle and a silver 4-door sedan.  The silver Mitsubishi sedan was sitting in both lanes with a severely damaged front end.  The motorcycle was lying on its side in both lanes with the driver injured and laying in the northbound lane of Hwy.11.
The driver of the silver sedan, Miss Angela Patricia Coker, advised she had no injuries and refused medical treatment.  Miss Coker did admit to driving the vehicle and hitting the motorcycle.
Miss Coker was unsteady on her feet and had slurred speech.  Miss Coker did admit to the officer she had taken several medications including carisopridol, diazepam, roxicet, and oxycodone.
Miss Coker was transported to a safe location where she performed poorly on sobriety tasks.  Miss Coker was transported to the ER where she submitted to a blood test.
LifeStar transported the driver of the motorcycle, Michael James Moore to UT Medical Center trauma unit where he remains at press time.