Court says tossing out Democrat election administrators was ok US District Court judge says it was okay for Tennessee Republicans to toss out Democrats who were election administrators across the state.

That happened in a number of counties, including Knox, after Democrats lost their majority at the State House in Nashville.

A dozen former election administrators filed suit, claiming their constitutional rights were violated when they were replaced with Republicans. But, in an order this week, Judge Kevin Sharp said the position is political, and local election commissions are within their right to replace an administrator because of their party affiliation.

Loudon County was one of the counties who did dismiss their election commissioner after the republicans took control of the state house back in 2008.

In April of 2009, Administrator Of Elections, Dana Zehner, a staunch democrat,  was dismissed by the election commission after the majority of the five member panel became republican. In April, Zehner, along with several other democrat election administrators who had been dismissed filed suit against their local boards. Zehner sued for her job back and for $500,000.00 in compensatory damages.

With the court's decision, those law suits should be over.

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