County Government Growing

Seems every day we read about more lay offs, business closings and company down sizing. Even the State and the University Of Tennessee are planning personal cuts in this uncertain economic time.

However here in Loudon County or at least in Loudon County government the economy seems to be very healthy. According to information from Loudon County's central accounting, the county has added 49 new employees to the payroll over the last two years. Some part time and some full time but none the less the size of county government continues to grow rapidly while most other governments and businesses are trying to cut back.  The county now has 331 employees, 232 full time and 99 part time. The previous four years the county added only 6 new employees to the payroll.

Of course with the addition of that many to the payroll one could only assume the county budget has also gone up accordingly. One would be correct. Over the same two year time frame, the county budget has gone up nearly $2,800,000.00. The previous four years the county budget had only increased by about $400,000.00.

So, while many of us are tightening our belts it's good to know that our tax dollars are being put to good use.