County Attorney Resigns?

I just read in the News Herald, a borrowed copy, that "County Attorney" Harvey Sproul has resigned as "County Attorney." Here's a news flash, Harvey Sproul is not, has not and never has been the "County Attorney". In fact the county has no attorney. Sproul has acted in his capacity as an attorney as the county mayor's attorney, and that's all. There are options for the county to employee an attorney, however the commission has continued to resist hiring a "County Attorney" opting instead to continue to use the services of the part time attorney retained by the county mayor. 

With the installation of Doyle Arp as mayor, Sproul's days were numbered. Sproul is a well known, card carrying democrat. Arp being the darling of the republican party would never be allowed to retain the services of a democrat attorney. So while Sproul may have submitted a resignation, I'm afraid he was already resigned.

Arp's pick for his attorney seems to be Robert Bowman of the firm Kramer Rayson. Bowman has been carrying Arp's water since he took office. Bowman has been the architect of Arp's public records debacle and has raked in some hefty legal  fees for his firm courtesy of the Loudon County tax payers. Safe bet is Bowman as the next "County Attorney".