All's Quiet At Lenoir City Council Meeting

The hottest action at Monday's Lenoir City Council meeting, was when Councilman Gene, Blackie, Johnson arrived at the meeting, lost control of his car, jumped the curb taking out a couple of AC units and the fence that surrounds them. Mr. Johnson pulled into the parking space and stopped, then for some reason hit the gas causing the car to jump the curb and strike fence and AC units missing by inches myself and Treasurer/Recorder Debbie Cook. Mr. Johnson was driving a rental car while his own vehicle was in the shop for repairs from a previous accident.

After this excitement, things got pretty dull. The council approved on first reading annexation and plan of services for 3 acres of property on 321 owned by Taylor Adams.

Appointed Bill Ghormley to the Lenoir City Planning Commission. Bill will replace Shirley Reno, who resigned from the LCPC after being appointed to the Loudon County Commission.

Approved a handicapped parking space on 2nd Ave. Approved the use of the Memorial Building for a birthday party for a four year old. And last but not least, approved closing a portion of Broadway October 14th for a street festival.

Seems the Mayor and Council may have remembered one of the hard fast rules of politics. Don't bring up controversial issues just before an election. Bet they wish they had remembered this before the redevelopment debacle.

Mike Tinnel,
Giving An Outstanding Report.

Mark "Scoop" Hudson Of  The NH, 
Taking Copious Notes.

Bill Ghormley
Accepting Planning Commission Appointment.

Blackie Johnson
Still Trying To Figure Out Why His Car Jumped The Curb