Cosner Set To Plea

Misty Cosner of Loudon is set to enter a plea according to court documents. The docket shows that Cosner will enter a plea at 1:30 on May 20th in Loudon County Criminal Court. No details of the plea were released.

Misty Cosner wife of Loudon County Sheriff Deputy, Charles Cosner, was indicted last April for 1 count of aggravated child abuse/neglect (6 years old or less) and one count of aggravated assault. The indictment states that Ms. Cosner, "did knowingly, and other than by accidental means, treated a child under the age of six years of age in such a manner as to inflict serious bodily injury through either abuse or neglect and/or a deadly weapon was used to accomplish the act of abuse." The indictment alleges that Cosner injured a 4-year-old Feb, 2007. The boy suffered a perforated bowel, according to TBI. Cosner was also cited by the Department Of Human Services for operating an unlicensed daycare. Ms. Cosner is being represented Attorney by T. Scott Jones.

The Loudon County Sheriff's Department has had several deputies spouses involved in criminal activity in the last year or so. Earlier this month, Callie Davis, wife of former assistant chief deputy, Jimmy Davis, pled guilty for felony identity theft of thousands of dollars from a friend. Ms. Davis was on probation for a similar crime when the second theft occurred. Ms. Davis" charges ultimately led to the demotion of her husband at the sheriff's department. Ms. Davis is represented by Attorney T. Scott Jones.

In December 2006, April Bowen, wife of Loudon County Sheriff's deputy, Chris Bowen was indicted by the Loudon County Grand Jury for stealing approximately $25.000.00 from Loudon Quarterback Club funds. The Quarterback Club is the Loudon Little league football organization. In August 2007, Ms. Bowen entered a guilty plea in Loudon County Criminal Court to a felony theft charge. Ms. Bowen was represented by Attorney T. Scott Jones.