Conspired To Defraud

Mike Ross                              Judge Terry Vann

Forgery, fraud, conspiracy. These are some of the accusations being made by Lenoir City Judge, Terry Vann, toward his former business partners. From Rarity fame Mike Ross, a lady named Tracy Riedl and Terry Vann formerly owned a company named Assurance Title. Vann states in his suit that Ross and Riedl damaged his reputation, his finances and his health to the point he had to seek medical help. 

According to Vann in his cross complaint against Ross and Riedl, in 2001 he was solicited by Defendants Ross and Riedl to join with them in forming, managing and owning a title company. Things seemed to go well for a while but according to Vann, the other two cut him out of the loop and beat him out of a lot of money and now he wants his money times three.

Last year Assurance Title filed a federal suit for the courts to decide who is entitled to money remaining in the business. Last month another business partner of Ross, Robert Stooksbury, filed suit against Ross for deceptive practices in their joint business venture. In his suit, Stooksbury accuses Assurance Title of falsifying records.

It's a bit hard to follow but it looks like Vann is asking the court for somewhere around three million dollars in his suit.

Seems everyone who gets involved with Mr. Ross ultimately feels they got the short end of the stick. 

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