Concert series planned for Loudon amphitheater

JOSH AULT-6 News Reporter

LOUDON (WATE) - A Loudon amphitheater hasn't seen much use since it was built in 2005, but it's about to get a lot busier.

For years, the Tate and Lyle Performing Arts Center in Loudon has remained mostly empty, only used occasionally for city events.

To get the facility busy, Loudon city officials have teamed up with Houla Entertainment to kick off a concert series.

"I'm going to bring in quality acts at a national level and also a regional level," said Houla Entertainment President Lee Mayer. "I plan to do two concerts a month."

When the amphitheater first opened, it had a couple of concerts.

However, those concerts contributed to the delay in getting more. "We had some unexpected costs that slowed down the use of the facility, but those have been taken care of far as infrastructure problems," explained Loudon City Parks and Recreation Director Mark Harrell.    

He says some of those problems included adding more lighting and additional parking spaces.

Harrell says this time around, they plan to charge more for tickets. Last time, they only charged $10, which wasn't enough to cover all their costs.

The amphitheater is one of the largest venues in Loudon County. It can hold up to 20,000 people.  

Mayer says she has already been in contact with the agents of several artists including Adele, Michael Bolton and ZZ Top.

City officials have signed an exclusive contract with Houla Entertainment to do concerts from May to October. The exact dates and times are still being worked out.

Harrell says the concert series will also be good for other businesses in Loudon, including hotels and restaurants.

The Tate and Lyle Performing Arts Center is two miles from Interstate 75 at 1470 Roberson Springs Road.