Common Bond?
Taxes, Guns and Government Control



Since the November election when republicans took control of state government, state legislators have purposed a slew of new laws that lessen regulations on lawful gun owners in Tennessee. From allowing gun permit holders to carry their guns in previously off limit places to keeping permit holders personal information private to allowing firearms in parks, lawmakers have passed a number of anti gun control laws with possibly more to come. Yet here in Loudon County and Lenoir City, our local officials have taken steps to pass additional gun control laws.

Last year Loudon County Mayor, Doyle Arp, who claims to be a republican, was the first to push for and pass a law that would prohibit lawful gun permit holders the right to carry their hand guns in any county buildings. Then right on cue,  Lenoir City Mayor and professed left wing liberal, Matt Brookshire, following Arp's lead and pushed for and passed a law to ban hand guns in all Lenoir City government buildings. The big problem with both Brookshire and Arp's new gun laws is they took no action to provide any security in their respective buildings.

In his second year, Arp supported and got a property tax increase. Brookshire has helped push through two consecutive property taxes on city residents. As to government control, we can't for get Brookshire's "Down Town Redevelopment Plan" when he was going to take away private property by eminent domain. Then there was Arp's year long legal battle to prevent public access to public records. Both men have long records of supporting government control.

But when it comes to spending your money, Arp and Brookshire are unmatched. Neither have ever seen a tax dollar they couldn't spend.

Both Arp and Brookshire must be giggly happy that their new president is just like them.