You know I watch the election numbers closely. What many may not know is how much information is available but what I've heard several times while out campaigning is just not true. Absolutely no one knows who you vote for.

Our voting records are public information. What is included is, name, address, date of birth, date we registered to vote, which elections we vote in and whether we vote in democrat or republican primary elections. That's all. Again, nobody ever knows who we vote for. I hope this makes folks feel a little better about the voting process.

Now, all that said, we have talked in the past about democrat vs republican in this election. That there's only one democrat on the ballot and that's only in the 2nd district. And that if you decide to vote in the democrat primary in any district except the 2nd district, you would have no candidates to vote for.

According to my count from the record, 13 voters have chosen to vote in the democrat primary. 10 of those have been in the 2nd district which could be expected but 3 have not been. There was 1 in the 3rd district, 1 in the 4th district and 1 in the 5th district. 

I guess what I take from that is that those three who stuck to the democrat primary with no one to vote for are truly committed to their party.

We'll wrap all the numbers after the election.