Commissioners Appointed

According to the Tennessee Department Of State's web site, Loudon County's newest election commissioners have been accepted. New commissioners (R) Darlene Schrubb, (R) Mary Sue Jordan, (R) Earl Ammon were recommended by the Loudon County Republican party executive commettee and accepted by the state election commission. Returning members (D) Sue Jane Hartsook, (D) Betty Brown complete the five member board.

For more than 100 years, Tennessee democrats have controlled the balance of power of local election commissions. With last years narrow republican majority in the state house and senate, republicans now control the balance of power in local election commissions by a three to two margin. This sits up the possibility of new election coordinators to be appointed.

Currently, Dana Zehner is the Loudon County Coordinator of elections. This could very well change if the three new republican election commissioners decide to appoint a republican to replace Zehner.

The next meeting of the election commission is set for April 21st at which time a change in leadership could be made. A couple of names have been mentioned as possible replacements but nothing official as of yet.