Commission Supports Obama Plan

The Loudon County commission has voted to support Barack Obama's stimulus plan. At a recent commission meeting, commissioners voted to support the states "bridge bond program" and to encourage the state legislature to also support it. The lone no vote came from second district commissioner Austin Shaver.

In short, Obama's stimulus, or porkulus plan as it has come to be known, promises hundreds of millions of dollars for Tennessee transportation projects. But there's a big catch. In order to get the pork funds, state officials must borrow $350 million dollars to contribute to the program and pay tens of millions in interest payments . State government historically doesn't borrow money for road projects but pays for projects with general budget funds. A pay as you go system as it were.

Obama is using so called "free money" just like fish bait. You know, stick a big fat worm on the hook and wait for a dumb fish to come along and take the bait. Once hooked the future for the fish is not very good.

State and local politicians seem to be just like the big dumb fish. The bait being used is promises of big money for local road projects, like the new bridge over the river below Fort Loudon Dam. Apparently our elected officials can't see the hook for the worm. 

If state officials do vote to borrow the $350 mil., the money to repay that debt will have to come from somewhere. Either in higher taxes, reduced services or reduced local funding.

The federal government produces nothing and has no money. State government produces nothing and has no money. Local government produces nothing and has no money. The only place any government has to get money is from the working people. 

Obama and his administration are committed to destroying the federal government with crushing debt and apparently wants to take state governments down with them. It's disappointing to learn that many of our local officials have been sucked into the pie in the sky promises. 

When you sell your soul to the devil, he will come to collect.