Commission OKs Granada Drive roadwork

Jeremy Nash

In a special called meeting Monday prior to a regular workshop, Loudon County Commission voted to repair Granada Drive in the Silver Oak subdivision if the homeowners association agreed to pay up to $10,000 for materials.

Loudon County Road Superintendent Eddie Simpson presented commissioners with a letter from the subdivision HOA asking for the county to repair the road from 1368-1495 Granada Drive. Two soft spots needed to be fixed. Granada Drive is now on the county’s road list.

“It was built 15 years ago and, like I said in there, when I came on board six years ago it hadn’t been accepted, and when I looked at the road I could tell it was substandard because of the two problems in with it was very problematic,” Simpson said after the vote. “And you could look at the road, too, it didn’t look like it had been topcoated. So, what I told (the HOA) was that they’re going to have to do core samples, so they went through development.

“I showed them where to do the core drills and they checked six places in the development and those six places came back — or five of those six came back — that it did have topcoat on it and the subbase coat was all good. Everything was there that should have been there,” he added.
Simpson said somebody “dropped the ball” years ago to not adopt the road earlier.
“Several years ago the county really should have had this brought before them for adoption into the county roads list at that time, but for some reason (it) never did get to in front of this body,” Steve Harrelson, commission chairman, said. “The core samples that were taken do show that it did meet county specs, and so therefore we would have accepted them if it was brought before us. The other issue is the problem area on the back ... but the homeowners are actually going to pay for the materials to fix that.”
Commissioner Van Shaver was the lone dissenting vote.
“My concern is once we adopt it, and the agreement with the HOA’s a fine thing,” Shaver said. “We had a very good deal with Warriors Chase, if ya’ll remember they had kind of the same issue. They paved it and then we took their streets in. ... What I’m getting at if we vote tonight to take the streets, whatever you find under that pavement when you get there is us.”
Commissioner Kelly Littleton-Brewster said she counted 62 homes in the subdivision, and noted commission had a responsibility to help them.
“I think we need to understand, too, that there are 62 houses back there and those people have paid their property tax,” she said.
In a follow-up interview, Simpson said repairs began Tuesday and would take five or six working days to complete.
“It’s a good cooperative agreement, I think, between your department and the homeowners there to take care of that one issue,” Harrelson said. “We’re not accepting substandard roads. I mean, they’re meeting county specs like any other roads in our system.”