Commissioners Back Squad

At Monday's Loudon County commission meeting, commissioners took up the issue of who could provide fire department services for the residents in the north end of Loudon County.

Last month, Knox County Rural Metro Fire Department notified about 400 Loudon County residents that they would no longer be providing subscriptions for fire protection services in Loudon County. Rural Metro claimed that a law passed in 2003 would prohibit them from continuing their service in the County. They were attempting to force the commission to give them exclusive rights to service a large area on the north end of the county.

In the end, the commission supported the Loudon County Rescue Squad's right to be the primary fire service provider for Loudon County. Commissioners by resolution told Rural Metro that they could continue to sell their subscriptions in the county but commissioners refused to give Rural Metro exclusive rights to any part of the county.

Residents in the north end and through out the county can expect to continue to receive professional, top quality service from the Loudon County Rescue Squad they have come to expect, for free.