Coming Along

The Bible says if you have faith, you can move mountains. The new school site in Loudon might not be of biblical proportions, but excavators have certainly moved a mountain of dirt for the new Loudon middle school. 

With the extended dry weather, workmen have been hard at work prepping the site getting ready for construction of the building.

The new school is slated to be ready for the 2013-2014 school year.


$14,000.00 Rock

In a related story, just before excavation on the new Loudon middle school was to begin, a couple of commissioners and school board members claimed the site was full of giant boulders that was going to run up the cost of the project.

Even though the the previous school board had limited core drillings done to check for rock before they bought the property, the decision was made to have another round of drillings after the concerns were raised.

The second round of drillings were done at the cost of $14,000.00 and found the same results as the first drilling. No major problem with rock.

I guess it was OK to have the additional drillings done I just never realized we had commissioners and school board members who were Geologists but apparently not very good Geologists.