We already know the Loudon County School Board wants another 2.1 million dollars for their operating budget in the up coming school year but it doesn't look like our school board is alone.

From the headlines below, it appears that a lot of other school systems are also claiming poverty and wanting more of our money. If you read all the stories from the headlines, they're all the same. Teacher pay too low, got to have more money, losing teachers to other systems.

Is it a coincidence that so many school systems have the same problems? I'm beginning to think they may all be in this thing together. But there's one thing you will never read in a story about a school system wanting more money. You'll never read where they have made all the cuts they can make. For that matter, you will likely never read where they've made any cuts.

This is just a partial list of Tennessee communities facing higher taxes in the name of education. There are plenty more.

Anderson schools seek equivalent of 45-cent tax hike