Codes violations delay opening of Loudon High School

August 2, 2007

LOUDON (WATE TV) -- The state says Loudon High School can't open this year until crews bring it up to code. And one of the key issues involves problems with doors.

According to its Web site, Loudon High is now scheduled to open on Monday, August 13. But it was originally going to open on August 8.

A report from the state describes the reasons for the delay in four pages worth of code violations officials say must be corrected first.

The report includes everything from doors that are the wrong size to missing hardware on doors to rotted wood in the school's stage storage room and an elevated walkway in the band room with no railings.

To see a full list of violations, click here.

An email from a state official, Kelly Brockman, says, "As you know, in the past, our office has been told numerous times that many of these items would be completed months ago."

Brockman goes on to say, "We strongly urge Loudon County to hire a licensed contractor to oversee the remaining work that is to be completed at the high school. This person needs to be available during daytime hours to communicate with our inspector and the subcontractors at the job site. We feel that this would expedite the remaining work that needs to be completed and we also believe that in the long run it would possibly save the school district money."

The state fire marshal has to approve all the corrections at the school before it can open. Otherwise, it will be delayed again.