Close Encounter

One of Lenoir City's newest patrolmen, Nathan Wilson, dodged certain death by inches Wednesday afternoon while working an accident on Interstate 75. Wilson had responded to a minor accident on the interstate directly under the 321 bridge. A car had lost control in the heavy rains and struck the guardrail. Wilson arrived on the scene pulling his cruiser well off the roadway to assist the driver of the accident.

While standing by the driver's side of his cruiser retrieving paper work , another car traveling north on the interstate at a high rate of speed, lost control of her car spinning out and leaving the roadway. The car skidding backwards still at high speed, skidded along the side of the interstate some how going between Wilson's cruiser and the guardrail striking the cruiser's open door where Wilson was standing. Hearing the commotion, Wilson looked up just in time to dive into the cruiser to avoid being struck by the out of control car. The car struck the open door of the cruiser before striking the car that was involved in the original accident. Wilson's patrol car suffered minor damage to the driver's door but picked up a lot of mud that splashed up as the car passed by. Both the first vehicle and the second vehicle received extensive damage in the crash.

Wilson, a little shaken from the incident seemed to take the whole thing in stride as just another day on the job.