City's Footprint Growing


In a process that started well over a year ago, Lenoir City has closed the deal on all the properties needed for a future city hall. The eleven properties between Hill Street and Town Creek fronting Broadway have been acquired at a total cost of $1,646,895.00. Officials had earlier estimated that the cost of the properties would be less than a million dollars. The properties varied widely in their cost depending on size and buildings located on the properties. The city has not yet settled with the owner of the clothing store that has filed suit against them. 

Back in April, Lenoir City Council voted to incur debt up to $10-million for several public work projects including a new city hall. City Administrator Dale Hurst recommended $5-million be used right away as a line of credit to improve water flow downtown and build a new city hall. The other $5-million would be set aside, Hurst said. (Source News Herald)

Phase two of the project would include demolition of the current buildings and site preparation of the area. No time table has been announced for phase two as yet.

Parcel(s)  Cost
17-18 $189,268.00
19-20 $310,983.00
21-22 $500,819.00
23 $200,389.00
24-25 $200,268.00
26 $65,268.00
34-35 $179,900.00