City School Board Approves Championship Rings Purchase

Mary Hindes News Herald

Monday the Lenoir City School Board approved buying championship rings for the North Panther Middle School football team who recently came away with the title.
Board member Bobby Johnson, Sr. got right to the point asking "how much" the rings were going to cost the board.  Lenoir City Schools Director Wayne Miller said the rings would cost approximately $9,000 to $10,000.  He added that price would provide 75 rings for players, coaches and managers.
Couldn't the county pay part of that?" Johnson asked with a laugh noting that the team has players from the city as well as the county though the team is funded through the Lenoir City Schools.  "Tell the boys congratulations, " Johnson added.
Miller said he had received a gratifying number of phone calls from parents of players expressing appreciation for the board's support of the football program for middle school students.  He said hearing from parents has been a "refreshing and rewarding experience."  Miller also noted the middle school team should lead to better players at the high school level.