City Elections

Believe it or not, the time to qualify for city elections is here and some candidates are wasting no time in picking up their petitions. Friday was the first day for candidates for Greenback, Lenoir City and Loudon city elections to pick up their qualifying petitions for the November 2nd elections.

In Greenback, the mayor and all four council seats will be on the ballot. In Lenoir City, the mayor and three of the six council seats, Mike Henline, Buddy Hines and Gene Hamby's seats, will be on the ballot. Also two of the four school board seats will be on the ballot. In Loudon, the mayor and all four council seats will be on the ballot.

The dynamics in the Lenoir City election could be very interesting to watch. As expected, councilman and chief deputy, Tony Aikens has already picked up a petition to run for Lenoir City mayor. Current Lenoir City mayor, Matt Brookshire, is running for county mayor. If Brookshire looses his bid for county mayor, he would still have plenty of time to qualify to run for re-election as Lenoir City mayor. 

Things also look like they might get interesting down in Loudon. Two current Loudon city councilmen have already picked up petitions to run for mayor. Lewis "Charlie Brown" Garner and Mike Cartwright apparently want the top job. It is unknown if long time mayor Bernie “Inky” Swiney  plans to seek re-election.

Candidates for any of the city elections have until 12:00 noon August 19th to file their qualifying petitions. Below is the candidate list. I will update the list as more candidates pick up petitions.

Office of Candidate # To Be Elected Name of Candidate

Date Petition Issued 

Date Petition Returned

Date Withdrawn

Greenback Mayor 1        
    Tom Peeler 6/2/2010 7/28/2010  
Greenback City Council 4        
    Rebecca Andrews 7/13/2010 7/28/2010  
    Walter Birchfield 7/19/2010    
    Robin Blankenship 7/22/2010    
    Polly Evans 6/2/2010    
    Christopher A Harris 6/2/2010    
    Samuel R. Jackson 6/2/2010 7/31/2010  
    Angela Mullins 7/28/2010    
Lenoir City Mayor 1        
    Gary Aikens 7/2/2010    
    Tony Aikens 5/21/2010 7/8/2010  
    Joe Sims 7/2/2010 7/6/2010  
Lenoir City Councilman 3        
    Don Baird, Sr. 6/17/2010    
    James Brandon 5/25/2010    
    Mike Henline  5/21/2010 7/23/2010  
    Douglass "Buddy" Hines


    Dwight Patterson 7/9/2010    
    Jim Shields 7/13/2010 7/27/2010  
    Rebecca Watkins


    Tony Williford


Lenoir City School Board 2        
    Bobby Johnson Sr. 5/26/2010 7/2/2010  
    Rosemary Quillen 5/26/2010    
    Steve Shoemaker 5/24/2010 6/25/2010  
Loudon City Mayor 1        
    Lewis "Charlie Brown" Garner 5/21/2010 5/21/2010  
    Judy McGill Keller 7/8/2010 7/20/2010  
    Timothy Kittle 7/2/2010    
Loudon City Council 4        
    Barry Baker 5/24/2010 7/19/2010  
    Tim Brewster 5/21/2010    
    Michael Cartwright 7/13/2010    
    Bill Collis Jr. 7/15/2010 7/16/2010  
    Johnny James 7/6/2010 7/8/2010  
    Judy Sampson Jones 5/24/2010 5/26/2010  
    Timothy Kittle 7/2/2010    
    Horace "Butch" Malone 6/7/2010 6/17/2010  
    Lynn Millsaps 6/11/2010 6/16/2010  
    Lois Snow 7/9/2010