Church Vandalized

Update: Reports are that two juveniles, ages 6 & 7 have admitted to the vandalism. The boys were not affiliated with the church but did attend Bible School there in June. Authorities and the Church are working with the Department Of Children's Services to determine any legal action.

Vandals used paint, food, & feces to damage Loudon Co. church Loudon County church is devastated after someone caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to their building.

Members of Lee Heights Baptist Church off Muddy Creek Road discovered the damage when they arrived for church services on Wednesday night.

"Last night I was under shock. Coming back in today, it's still unbelievable," said Lee Heights Pastor Doug Kizer.

The vandals damaged the sanctuary, fellowship hall, and Sunday school rooms. Members estimate they did $10,000 to $12,000 in damages. They believe that insurance will help cover the costs of repairs.

"I see all the kids Bible School crafts just thrown everywhere. And that meant something to those kids. A lot of people's Bible's were destroyed. My dad passed away several years ago and they had took paint and put it all over his Bible," said Angela Kizer, Pastor Kizer's wife.

The church believes the vandals broke through a basement window to get inside. They then used the children's toys and art supplies to damage the rest of the building.

They also used food for needy families and their own feces and urine to devastate the facilities.

"I feel more sorry for the people who done it. They need prayers. It makes me wonder what kind of person would do that," said Angela Kizer.

With so much work to be done, they are forced to reschedule their Homecoming Event and services this weekend. But Thursday, churches of all denominations stopped by to offer their buildings for the time being.

They have also had an outpouring of support through social media and calls of people offering to help clean up.

"It's so good to know that God's love still abounds. Its amazing," said Kizer.

The Loudon County Sheriff's Office said they believe this is an isolated incident and a "crime of opportunity." They also suspect kids are responsible.

Lee Heights Baptist Church asks you to call (865) 986-8815 if you would like to help.