Change Is Coming

Regardless of the outcome of the city elections in November, every city will see some new faces in their respective governments. All totaled, there are 32 candidates running for 16 positions.

With Brookshire's decision not to seek re-election as Lenoir City's mayor, three candidates have jumped into that race. Lenoir City councilman and chief deputy, Tony Aikens wants to be mayor along with former Loudon County sheriff, Joe Sims and Gary Aikens, Tony Aikens half brother.

Long time councilman, Gene Hamby, is not running so for sure there will be at least one new councilman and if Tony Aikens were to be elected mayor, the council will have to appoint someone to fill his council seat. On top of that, aside from the two incumbents seeking re-election there are 5 other candidates running for the three seats.

In Loudon you have a very similar situation. Mayor Inky Sweeney is not seeking re-election. So for sure Loudon will also have a new mayor. Councilman Lewis "Charlie Brown" Garner, Judy McGill Keller and Doug Lyle are hoping to be the new mayor. If Garner does not win the mayor's seat, he will be out all together.

Councilman Gene Lambert is not seeking re-election and Garner is running for mayor so Loudon is assured at least two new councilmen/women. Aside from the two incumbents, there are 7 other candidates running for the 4 seats.

In Greenback, Mayor Tom Peeler is running unopposed. But the council race will be a contest. Incumbent council woman, Emma Louise Coada is not seeking re-election opening up at least one seat. But aside from the three incumbents, there are three other candidates running for the other three seats.

Big changes are coming to all city governments. Hopefully they will be good changes.