Caught on camera: Burglars steal from displaced family

(WBIR-Philadelphia, TN) A Loudon County family already dealing with loss suffered another blow, thanks to two burglars. However, their low blow was all caught on camera -- and now authorities have a better picture on who the suspects are.

The Hickman family of Philadelphia, Tenn. lost their house from an October fire, destroying nearly everything they had.

Of the few items they had left, two burglars targeted copper wiring recovered from the house.

"Found that storage building had been broken into, like someone had tried to take the tractor from the property. Noticed in the storage unit, he had a 55-gallon plastic drum that had different kinds of copper in it," Loudon County sheriff's investigator Jeff Russell said.

However, what the burglars did not know is the Hickmans recently installed cameras to watch over their property.

"He had put up some cameras, motion cameras around his place, and we have that on film," Russell added.

Neighbors nearby have been watching over the property, on Allison Town Road.

"It's heartbreaking that you got people to be so mean and cruel, knowing what that family is going through and still going through," said neighbor Tina Stutts.

She hopes the video could lead to arrests.

"I mean, look up there. They have no home. I mean they have what's left," she added.

The burglary occurred on December 23, and has a value of more than $2,000.

If you have any information on the case, or identify these suspects, you're asked to call the Loudon County Sheriff's Department at (865) 986-4823.