Cat rescued from tree during frigid weather

(Lenoir City, TN) the cat is safe and sound Tuesday, after some precarious moments Monday, when she was perched high in a tree as temperatures plunged.

Carmella's owner, Samantha Fisher, said the cat was six stories high in the tree, and was afraid to climb back down. That's not so unusual for a cat, and usually they eventually come down on their own. But, with record-breaking cold temperatures, Fisher knew that Carmella would probably freeze to death if she didn't get her down.

She called a friend who had some tree climbing equipment, but his gear got stuck about half way up, so he had to come back down before reaching the cat.

Then, a worker from a professional tree service saved the day by scaling the tree, and rescuing Carmella.

"She's doing really good. We're trying to get her to eat and drink some water, but she's doing great. She curled up at the foot of my bed next to a heater and stayed there pretty much all night," said Fisher.

Fisher says she is keeping a close watch on Carmella to make sure she is recovering well.