The Case Of The Fudge Brownie

Several have inquired about an alleged incident, where some one was arrested at the direction of Chief Deputy Aikens for tossing a cookie at someone. As they use to said on Dragnet, here are the facts and nothing but the facts.

At 11:36 pm, on December 1, 2006 a verbal argument between a man and two females, one a relative of Chief Deputy Aikens, took place at the Lenoir City Walmart. Apparently the man followed the females to the parking lot where he allegedly threw a fudge brownie striking one of the females in the back. Chief Deputy Aikens, 902, contacted dispatch to report the incident. Chief Aikens then responded to the scene as did LCPD units 420, 405 and 411.

According to the arrest report filed by LCPD detective, Jonathan Sartin, 18 year old Matthew Dean Larue was arrested and transported to jail for simple assault.

These are the facts. See reports below.