Carl's Club

There's not any need in me going into a long, drawn out discussion of how great Carl's Drive In in Loudon is. That they have the best food for the best price anywhere and don't even get me started on the corndogs. That my personal favorite, the hamburger steak platter all french-fries, no slaw and extra steak sauce is the best. If you're from here, you already know what I'm talking about.

But after all these years, I now feel like I'm in the Carl's Club. Stopped in the other night while driving through Loudon. Normally, due to the size of my truck, I usually park out on the far end away from the kitchen but this time, because of the crowd, I had to pull up right in front of the building.

After giving my order, I noticed they had shirts, hats and hoodies hanging in the window for sale. I knew I had to have one. They're gorgeous. The back has a painting of Carl's with old fifties model cars. The front has the Carl's logo.

Even though it's winter now, I got the short sleeve "T" but I'll probably get one of each before it's over. This really makes me feel like member of the Carl's Club.

Actually, my new shirt is a twofer. I stopped to buy supper that night because the wife was feeling poorly. So not only did I score points for the Carl's supper, I also told her I bough her the shirt as an early Valentines Day gift. She was touched.

We wont tell her the shirt is really mine. After all, it's the thought that counts, right?