Card's In The Mail

What's five and a half inches wide by four inches high, there's nothing you can do to stop it and it might make you happy or sad?

It's your new property tax reappraisal post card. Just like clockwork, every four years Loudon County undergoes the state mandated property reappraisals and also just like clockwork most of us will see our property values go up. But don't panic. Just because your property values go up doesn't necessarily mean your property taxes will also go up. If you have improved your property or made additions or if you are one of those who had been given "special" consideration by the previous assessor you might see an increase in your property tax. 

There are some who want their property values to increase for various financial reasons. After all who wants their home to go down in value? Generally though, whether or not your property taxes go up will be determined by the county commission or the city councils. If they raise the tax rate your taxes will go up for sure.

For more information on the new assessments visit the Loudon County Property Assessor's web site.