Car Fire, Close Call

Around midnight Tuesday, 911 dispatch received a call of a car fire in front of Pardue Sign Company with a occupant still in the burning car. Elements of the Loudon County Sheriff's Department and the Lenoir City Police Department were on scene in minutes and attempted to extinguish the fire with hand held extinguishers but the fire was already too intense. Fortunately, the driver had already been removed from the car by neighbors.

Minutes later, the Loudon County Rescue Squad arrived with two trucks and quickly put out the fire. At one point the fire become so hot that the sign company building began to smoke and the shutters began to melt on the front of the building. Had it not been for the quick actions of the rescue squad, the building could have been lost.

The driver who was found slumped in the car was not aware that the vehicle was on fire. Witnesses stated that he said he noticed it was getting hot in the car. The driver appeared to be suffering from some impairment.   

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