Candidate Update

Here's a few candidate updates.

6th district school board member, Steve Harrelson, has officially announced his candidacy for county commission. Harrelson had picked up his qualifying petition some days ago suggesting his intent to run. Yesterday, he made official announcing his run on his Facebook page and asking his friends to help get the word out to VOTE FOR STEVE HARRELSON!!!

Christie Allen Kreischer who had also picked up a petition to run for 6th district county commission has now determined to run for the 6th district school board seat that will be vacated by Harrelson's move to county commission. In an email release,  Kreischer stated,

"I am excited to say I will be running for 6th District School Board seat. I have grown up in this town, been here my whole life. I love our County and I feel that starting off going for 6th District School board and GOD WILLING I will get the votes I need to take this position." "Having two great kids that attend North Middle and Eatons. I want to make a difference within the school system."

Ms. Kreischer will need to withdraw her commission petition and file a petition for school board.

Bobby Johnson Jr. has announced that he will seek reelection as 2nd district school board member. Last year, Johnson was elected to serve as the Lenoir City Treasurer/Recorder but feels confident that he can manage both positions.