Candidate List Grows

With three days down and about sixty to go to the deadline, more candidates have picked up petitions to run in the 2010 county election.

Incumbent 3rd district commissioner, Bob Franke has picked up. Frank Hahn has picked up to challenge 2nd district commissioner Earlena Maples. Two challengers have picked up to run for County Road Superintendent the latest being Tim Brewster.

Candidate Ken Shockley, has picked up petitions for both 5th district commission, seat "B" currently held by Chris Park and county court clerk.

Remember, it doesn't matter who picks up petitions, all that matters is who files by the February 18th deadline. I'll keep you updated as more candidate toss their hats in the ring.

Latest Candidate List Below.

Office of Candidate Name of Candidate Party Date Petition Issued  Date Petition Returned
County Mayor Van Shaver Republican 11/20/2009  
County Commission           
District 1 seat A William Culvahouse Republican 11/20/2009 11/24/2009
  Nancy Marcus Republican 11/23/2009  
District 1 seat B David Meers Republican 11/20/2009  
District 2 seat A Frank Hahn Republican 11/24/2009  
  Earlena Maples Democrat  11/20/2009  
District 2 seat B Austin Shaver Republican 11/20/2009  
District 3 Bob Franke Republican 11/23/2009  
District 4        
District 5  seat A Harold Duff Republican 11/20/2009  
District 5 seat B Kenneth Shockley Republican 11/23/2009  
District  6 Wayne Gardin Democrat  11/20/2009  
District 7 Don Miller Republican 11/20/2009  
Trustee Estell Herron Republican 11/20/2009  
Sheriff Steve Cook Republican 11/20/2009  
  Tim Guider Republican 11/23/2009  
Circuit Court Clerk Judy Hines Republican 11/20/2009  
  Lisa Niles Republican 11/20/2009  
County Court Clerk Nicholas Bradshaw Republican 11/20/2009  
  Darlene Russell Republican 11/20/2009  
  Kenneth Shockley Republican 11/23/2009  
  Angie Vittatoe Republican 11/20/2009  
Register of Deeds Tracie Littleton Republican  11/20/2009  
Road Superintendent  Tim Brewster Republican 11/24/2009  
  Gary Kinard  Republican 11/23/2009