Can You Hear Me Now?

This may be what voters are asking their commissioners. In February of this year, Loudon County voters defeated a commission sponsored ballot measure to raise the sales tax by a half cent. The increase was voted down by a two to one margin, 5,521 to 3,631.

In Thursday's election, the voters defeated another commission sponsored tax increase this time in the form of a $50 wheel tax. Voters rejected this tax increase by a four to one margin, 5,032 to 1,226.

Does it get any clearer that that? The voters have had it and they're not going to take it any more. They don't want anymore taxes even if they're told "it's for the children." Local government has a clear mandate, live within your means. Tax payers have to, business has to, why not government.

Last Monday, commission voted to raise property taxes another eight cents. Citizens are outraged. Were the seven commissioners voting for and representing the voters? Not likely, given the outcome of the recent elections. Commissioners, school boards members and every other elected official were elected to represent their constituents not their own personal views. Four of six incumbent school board members learned first hand that the voters expect more than the status quo.