Cache of pills found on woman during search at Anderson jail

By News Sentinel staff
Stephanie Lorraine DickersonCLINTON - Three pill bottles containing 213 pain pills were found in a woman's "vaginal area" after a traffic stop Tuesday, according to an Anderson County Sheriff's Department report.
Stephanie Dickerson, 55, of Lenoir City is charged with two counts of the possession and sale of controlled substances and driving on a revoked or suspended license.

An investigation revealed Dickerson had filled a prescription in Miami on Feb. 3 for 450 oxycodone pills, leaving 238 tablets "unaccounted for over a six day period," Deputy Jason D. Leach reported.

The deputy reported that Miami is a "common place to get prescriptions to sell," and Dickerson told him she drove to Florida once a month.

Text messages found on Dickerson's cell phone were from would-be oxycodone buyers, according to Leach's report.

Dickerson admitted selling pain pills and said she was en route to make a sale, the deputy reported.

She was stopped on Edgemoor Road just after midnight after another deputy noticed a taillight out on the vehicle she was driving, according to the Leach's report.

Female jailers found the pain pill bottles during a search of Dickerson's body at the Anderson County Jail.

Dickerson is free on $20,000 bond.