Buy Local

Charity Begins At Home.

Loudon County is set to spend forty million dollars more or less over the next couple of years on an unprecedented school building program. Those dollars will come straight from the pockets of the good folks of Loudon County. It seems only appropriate that as much of that money as is feasibly possible should stay in Loudon County and support the citizens and workforce of the County.

We have a number of local businesses who sell materials and products that will be needed in the construction of our new schools. I have sent a letter to the decision makers who will be responsible for the building program and asked that every effort be made to do as much business as possible with our local merchants.

Just imagine the positive impact the injection of millions of dollars could have on the local economy.

If you are a local business owner that might have services or products that will be needed in the new construction, I would encourage you to contact the Director Of Schools or the county purchasing agent.