Busters Outta Here

In an all too familiar scene, the intersection at Ford Road and Muddy Creek was the sight of yet another crash. And as bad as it looks, no serious injuries were reported. The driver of the truck hit the windshield with his head pretty hard but decided not to seek medical attention. Yes, that is the passenger door of the Volvo hanging in the grill of the Toyota pick up truck.

Even though we're all still waiting on the red light for our intersection, not sure that would have helped in this situation. Seems the two young men in the Volvo probably shouldn't have been out and about any way. Turns out, both were placed in police cruisers and a lot of, how shall I say it, stuff that was found in the car that shouldn't have been there. 

One other twist to the story. Apparently, one of the occupants of the Volvo had their dog in the car with them when they crashed. The dog's name was Buster. After the crash, Buster the dog fled the scene soon as the door was open. Some onlookers at the crash speculated Buster probably knew what was in the car and thought it best high tail it out of there. Buster may have known somebody was going to jail and it wasn't going to be him. Buster hadn't been seen as of press time.

In all seriousness, fortunately, this time no one was hurt or killed but it has happened many times in the past and will happen again.

TDOT, please fix our intersection.