Business As Usual, Sort Of

Anyone who attended Monday's Lenoir City Council meeting expecting to see one of Mayor Brookshire's infamous temper tantrums may have been disappointed. Since last Friday's early dismissal of Mr. Nelson, Brookshire's father-in-law, as LCUB General Manager, some had speculated that Brookshire might put on a real show.

Even though Brookshire was trying hard to act as if everything was business as usual, the tension in the room was undeniable. One obvious difference at the meeting was the absence of any talk between Brookshire and City Attorney/LCUB interim General Manager, Shannon Littleton. Brookshire and Littleton generally have a lot of discussion during the meetings. Not this time. 

Brookshire has made his dissatisfaction with the council/LCUB board's decision well know in local medias. Accusing at least four unnamed councilmen of an "underhanded stunt" and and firing Nelson for refusing to grant political favors for councilmen.

Brookshire had a lot riding on the whole deal. It was no longer even a secret that he was nearly a shoe in to take the manager's position. Of course he can still apply to the personal committee search team.

Time will tell if Brookshire can continue to keep his cool over the matter. Heck, who knows. He may have higher political aspirations.