Bus Safety Questioned

On September 30th, a Loudon County bus driver very nearly caused a major situation by choosing to get behind the wheel of a school bus and drive while under the influence of prescription drugs. Fortunately, no children were injured but the outcome could have been much worse.

School board members have been told not to discuss the matter in meetings due to possible litigation that might arise. Many board members have been very concerned about the bus incident yet have waited patiently for the appropriate time to discuss the matter. Surprisingly, Chuck Cagle, Tennessee School Board Association attorney representing Loudon County, responded to an ABC News request for information on the case.

We can only assume that the news blackout has now been lifted and the board will now be able to find out just how such a situation could have happened. Board member Scott Newman has requested a special called meeting of the board to discuss the incident and to review policies that could help prevent a similar situation.  

The ABC News story aired Sunday morning on Good Morning America. Follow the link below to view the segment with video.

Good Morning America School Bus Safety